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Genix Fertility Care offers the most advanced technology and equipment to provide the best IVF and infertility treatment. We specialize in female health, IVF, IUI, and Infertility treatment solutions. Dr. Sini Venugopal, the Best Lady Doctor in Bhubaneswar performs many tests and provides proper treatment guidelines to ensure the best possible results. Our team of doctors and nurses is trained to treat the entire female body, including diseases of the female reproductive systems like hormonal problems and pelvic disorders, as well as other issues that affect women's overall health.

According to a health report, sexual diseases are up 15%. Most cases should be treated by my most experienced gynecologist. Dr. Sini Venugopal, a leading Gynic Specialist in Bhubaneswar, focuses on making patients feel at ease in sharing their confidential information and providing the best treatment to resolve their infertility issues. All of our patients are treated with respect and dignity.


At some point in her life, every woman should visit the Bhubaneswar Gynic Specialist. Then continue to go to him to maintain good health. This will help you with everything, from managing your pregnancy to general health. This will ensure that you feel your best and any problems are caught quickly. This will allow you to get regular checkups and help to ensure everything is running smoothly. To stay informed and avoid future problems, you can get other types of assistance from your doctor.


Our Mission is to assist couples in experiencing the joys of parenthood. Our Mission is to be there for them throughout the journey of parenthood. We are here to bring smiles to couples at a reasonable cost. With proper counseling, our counselors can provide you with the best possible treatment. Our counselors are there for our parents throughout every step of the parenthood journey. We do this in an ethical and transparent manner. With a belief in all good, we aim to bring smiles on their faces and ensure that couples have a happy end with successful treatment at an affordable price.

Dr. Sinni. S. Venugopal offers a safe, confidential environment for patients to talk with doctors about their concerns, problems, and reproductive health needs. She will work with her team to help her patients make the right decisions. Genix Fertility Care offers a range of services, including IVF treatment, ICSI and IMSI, Ovulation Induction and Surrogacy.

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The specialist responsible for studying the female reproductive system is our Gynecologist. People can suffer from a variety of gynecological problems. Gyno problems affect many women around the globe. People with such issues seek out gynecologists who can provide high-quality treatment and solutions. These services are in high demand every year. This is because people are more aware of them and many are experiencing such problems.

This is why these issues are becoming more popular every day. Let's now look at some common gyno issues. Many women experience bleeding during periods. In many cases, there is a need to urinate frequently or a burning sensation when urinating. You may also experience abnormal vaginal bleeding. This can happen during or after intercourse. Itching, burning, and swelling in the vaginal region can be seen. Vaginal discharge can also be unpleasant, unusual or excessive in some women. Intercourse discomfort and pain can also be a problem.

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