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Request for a Tele Consult Appointment

Fill in the online appointment scheduling registration form with your details. This helps us understand your exact need and enables us to assist you accordingly. Our appointment scheduling team will give you a call and confirm the Tele Consult appointment slot.

Receive Confirmation for Consultation

Once your details are logged in with us and we have found you a suitable time to connect with the doctor, you'll receive a confirmation via call. This articulates, the date, time and contact credentials for you to consult with our doctors over a phone.

Best Medical Care at the Click of a Button

Consult with our experienced and expert team of doctors via phone from the comfort of your own location. With state-of-the-art technologies and expert panel of doctors you'll receive the best advice without having to step out of your home.

What is Tele Consult?

A Tele Consult is a tele call consultation with our doctors. Due to time & distance, it may be difficult for you to physically travel to our clinic. Tele Consults allow you to speak to our doctors and seek appropriate medical care without the hassle of traveling in person.

What is the Tele Consult Schedule?

Tele Consults are available throughout the day – 10 AM to 8 PM via prior appointment which will be provided basis the form filled by you on this web page.

How to share reports prior to Tele Consult consultation?

You can share your medical reports & history prior to the consultation by scanning and mailing them to include your name, consultation time and date in the mail for easy reference.

How does Tele consultation happen?

Tele Consults will be available via tele call. The patients must have a mobile/telephone connection. At the time of Appointment, the patient will receive a call from the Genix Fertility team which will inturn connect with doctor.

Please note, the call centre will also share a link with the patient to make the payment online prior to the appointment & the charges will be communicated as well.

Is there a difference between Tele Consult & normal clinic?

No. There is no difference in terms of the medical advice provided and our commitment to our patients. However, the lack of physical check and technological limitations can make a difference in some cases. Our doctors will provide you with an advisory to visit in person should there be a need to do so.

What if I am unable to attend to a scheduled Tele Consult?

We encourage you to pick a time & date of your convenience such that cancellations are avoided. However, we do understand your contingencies. Please inform the concerned representative of your unavailability and schedule the appointment for a later date.

Can I schedule a Tele Consult from outside India?

No. This service is available for national patients only as of now.